Combining the ethereal beauty of fairy romanticism and marshmallow sweetness, you emerge with the fantastical trend of Fairy Kei. To be Fairy Kei you have to question yourself: "Do I add glitter to my accessories?" "Do I decorate my cellphone with fluffy charms and stars?" "Am I obsessed with pastel colors?!" If you have asked yourself any of these questions (as I have many times over), then you are, without a doubt, an inspiring Fairy Kei lover! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being a part of the cutest, most darling, most beloved kawaii trend ever adorned!

Over the years, the trend of Fairy Kei has morphed and evolved from many different influences. And to me it is the ultimate kawaii blend of Sweet Lolita fashion and Decora Kei. Fairy Kei is a mashup of late 1980’s and early 1990’s pop culture. It’s not uncommon to see an accessory consisting of a decapitated Barbie head, or a Popples plush turned into a backpack. To many, Fairy Kei is a purely DIY (Do It Yourself) culture with very few high volume shops offering Fairy Kei goods. That is until 2003, when the very first emergence of such a shop was founded by design student Sauri Tabuchi, who’s store Spank! is located in Shibuya at the heart of Tokyo. In a TokyoFashion article, Tabuchi states her reasons for opening her boutique, “I just love 80s culture so much. And at that time I couldn’t find a good image that matched my interests in 80s culture. So I started Spank!” Now, Spank! is considered 'Pop Kei' because the trend is a mix of bright colors and pastels, whereas the 'Fairy Kei' trend has evolved to only use pastels.

More recently another sub genre emerged as Mohou Kei, or “Magic” Kei, where the icons are themed around moons, stars, and fantastical sorcery. The 90’s japanimation “Sailor Moon” and in rarer times “Cardcaptor Sakura” are commonly referenced icons. With the amount of Fairy Kei and kawaii shops increasing, the lifestyle of Fairy Kei is becoming one of the most influential japanese street fashions of the world!

A Fairy Kei coord works much like any other Japanese Street Fashion Trend where known brands and familiar icons are used. However with Fairy Kei, the mixing of brand and off-brand is what makes this trend truly unique. I usually like to start creating my coord with a strong focal piece. I'll start with one of my favorite graphic tees from my tee collection [find Bunny Love tee here]. From there you will need the below items to complete your coord:

♥ Tulle or Patterned ruffle skirt

♥ Gradient tights and/or pastel socks

♥ light color shoes

♥ 2-tone Pastel Wig or colored hair

♥ Sweet accessories like an Ice cream necklace, bow and cupcake rings, large patterned pastel bow headband, various hair charms, heart and star earrings, and as many kawaii pins as your heart desires

♥ An extra DIY tip: For having extremely one-of-a-kind Fairy Kei accessories, scour the attic (or basement) of your childhood home for your favorite toys, and make jewelry or brooches from them.

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