Pammy Cakes Boutique was founded in the heart of Brooklyn, circa 2009. Starting with Sweet Lolita accessories and tees, Pammy Cakes soon grew to incorporate Fairy Kei, various kawaii items. Keeping up steam, PCB would like to continue to provide unique goods and expand to include more Japanese Street Fashion genres. To me, Fairy Kei is the perfect blending of Sweet Lolita fashion and the ever adorable Decora trend. Taking the pastels and treats from Sweet Lolita fashion and combining that with the culture icons of Pop Kei, Fairy Kei has carved out a special niche in Japanese Street Fashion to stand on its own. Having sister trends like Mahou Kei and Pop Kei, it is common to think they are all one trend. But Fairy Kei remains to be in the forefront of everything pastel and kawaii... Sweet Lolita aside ;)

At the moment, Fairy Kei and Sweet Lolita fashions are the main focus of Pammy Cakes Boutique, and we are working to include Pop Kei, Mahou Kei, and Decora for the near future. And maybe even invent our own trends along the way (one can dream!). But what if we did create completely brand new kawaii trends?

♥ Jem Kei - Much the same as Pop Kei, however the wearer would dress in mainly hot pink and violet colors, and lots of sequined accessories. And the makeup would mimic Jem and the Holograms using lots of triangles XD

♥ Zombie Lolita - Many Lolitas (Loliti?) would cringe at the idea of ripping up their favorite coord, so maybe this trend would never catch on. Yet, I think every Lolita has a super old coord that they can’t sell, and would love to destroy out of pure frustration. Pair the mangled coord with messy, uncombed hair and bloody body parts as accessories. I think this trend has potential to pick up during the Halloween season, don't you think?

♥ Hipster Lolita - This Lolita would only wear vintage Lolita wear (think Milk, circa 1970), paired with too-large plastic frame glasses without lenses, and the 5th grade haircut from your yearbook photo. Rest assured, if vintage Lolita is too hard to find, the mixing a corduroy JSK with a plaid peter pan collared shirt and penny loafers with knee high socks would work nicely. (lol) But enough abut that..

As always, we aim to have anything and everything pastel and kawaii available to you from our shop. Keep an eye out for collaborations from other designers and kawaii lovers, and sign up to our Mailing List to get up-to-date news about Pammy Cakes Boutique. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook, and add us on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram ~♥

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